[Scpg] Hand-made Knife - Forging Class in Ojai, CA - Early Registration discount!! before May 1st.

Julia Pfeifer julia at juliapfeifer.com
Mon Apr 19 20:09:45 PDT 2010

Hand-Made Knife - Forging Class
Ojai, CA
May 14th & 15th
10:00am - 7:00pm
lunch included

In this two-day workshop you will learn the skills of knife
making from certified master blade smith Jason Hawk.  Jason will provide all the tools and
materials for you to forge your own steel blade knife.

Jason Hawk has been forging greatly sought-after blades for
20 years out of high quality steel and found materials and teaches how easy,
inexpensive and fun it is to forge your own tools or weapons that will last a lifetime.  Jason is a neo-tribal weapons specialist, a master
blade smith and a primitive skills instructor.  A fourth-generation blacksmith, Jason learned these skills from his
grandfather and father, who was a Special Forces Instructor.  By age 10,Jason was skilled at making traps,
spears, bows, and knives, and  received
his Colorado guiding license at 16.

On the first day Jason will teach you how to construct several
styles of forges out of simple materials.  You will also begin the process of creating your own knife.  The second day will be focused on forging of
blades for tools, weapons and knives.  You will have the opportunity to forge your own blade and leave with an
understanding of how to do it on your own.  Each person will get hands on experience and guidance in creating their
own finished piece.

We have reserved a third day with Jason to be available for
advanced instruction.  This will only be
available to a few people so let us know at signup time if you are interested.

$165 for two days of intensive instruction
$150 if you register before May 1st!!
Scholarships available
Email: julia at juliapfeifer.com
Call: (805) 646-0477
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