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Wed Apr 21 11:13:23 PDT 2010

> Hello,

A photographer who took some pictures of my projects for Urban Farm Magazine
is looking for additional material.  Please look at at the list below and if
you are interested and have something that fits please contact Peter, info.

> Peter Bennett
> 310-312-6640
> *Email:* peterbennett at greenstockphotos.com
> *Web:* http://www.greenstockphotos.com
> *Blog:* http://www.Citizenoftheplanet.com
> *Cohousing
> *Shots of cohousing communities throughout the U.S., focusing on the
> sustainability aspect of the lifestyle movement, including private homes,
> common houses, gardens and green spaces, neighborhood gatherings, group
> meals, etc.
> *Growing wheatgrass/micro greens indoors
> *Images of wheatgrass and micro-greens growing setups, particularly in
> small spaces and creatively used spaces (closets, under stairs, other
> apartment-sized areas)
> Equipment for growing wheatgrass and micro greens
> Various types of micro greens
> Use of micro greens and wheatgrass in the kitchen
> *Vertical farming
> *Photos of vertical farming on a residential scale, rather than an
> industrial/commercial scale: making use of small backyards, side yards and
> front yards for edible garden areas; trellises and arbors; hanging plants,
> such as upside-down tomatoes; tiered planting beds
> *Crop rotation planning for small spaces
> *Year-to-year photos of gardens showing plant rotation
> Square Foot Gardens
> Small-space-garden prep: rototilling, fertilizing, soil preparation
> Planting, maintaining (mulching, weeding) and harvesting small-space
> gardens
> Crop rotation plan drawings
> *Wind power
> *Electricity generation by wind turbines on an urban-/suburban-home scale
> Wind electricity generation in other urban and suburban settings: on
> businesses, in parks, etc.
> Different types of turbines and installation options for urban and suburban
> settings in a home atmosphere
> *Home milk-delivery Services
> *Shots of milk-delivery trucks; milk bottles; milk being bottled,
> packaged, transported and delivered to homes; milk bottles in the
> refrigerator, on the kitchen counter, on the table and in use. Retro-styled
> images are encouraged.
> *Growing potatoes in pots
> *Potatoes of all varieties—from seed to full-grown—in containers
> Caring for and harvesting potatoes from containers
> Various types of containers and ideal soil medium for growing potatoes
> Placement of containers for growing potatoes on patios, balconies and
> rooftops
> *Keeping critters out of your urban farm
> *Preventative measures for keeping critters—from mice to dogs to raccoons
> and rabbits—out of your city/suburban garden, chicken coop and animal feed
> Images of fencing types, products designed to deter animals, other
> protective structures, feed storage
> Closed-up chicken coops
> Mice, dogs, wildlife in urban/suburban gardens, animal-food storage, and
> chicken, goat and rabbit enclosures
> *Elementary school gardens
> *Photos of vegetable and flower gardens at elementary schools, maintained
> by students
> Students, teachers, parents working in the garden
> Students and teachers working in the classroom on garden-related projects
> Results of the gardens: delivering vegetables to food pantries, cooking the
> vegetables in school cafeterias, etc.
> *Green Thumb
> *Pluot, plumcot and aprium hybrid fruits: harvested, on the tree, multiple
> varieties grafted together
> Garlic growing in containers and in the garden; planting garlic bulb;
> cutting garlic scapes; garlic hanging to dry; garlic varieties: Music,
> Chesnock Red, German Extra Hardy and Spanish Roja
> Compost: collecting and adding fallen leaves to compost pile; layering
> cardboard and newspaper in compost piles

Camille Cimino
"The Nature of Things"
(213) 924-5238
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