[Scpg] ATTENTION LOS ANGELES HOMEOWNERS: Swan Song for the Lawn to take place June 19th/20th!

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ATTENTION LOS ANGELES HOMEOWNERS: Swan Song for the Lawn to take place June

Want to repurpose your water-guzzling lawn into a productive garden system,
in just one day?

Earthflow’s Advanced Permaculture Class is looking for a lawn in the greater
LA area to transform into a garden paradise.  How it works: Homeowners
supply the materials and the site, we supply the design and build a
beautiful and bountiful Food Forest Garden at no cost.  The catch?  You
must, of course, agree to grow organically, and when the time comes, give
away your surplus garden produce.

If you do not have a lawn to offer, yet are interested in helping out, this
seminar in which Larry Santoyo will be teaching his advanced class how to
host their own Swan Songs is open to all students currently enrolled in the
permaculture design course and all graduates.   It is open to the public as
well for the cost of $25, yet be warned, the nitty gritty details of
gardening will not be the focus of this class as the goal is to empower
others to host similar events in their neighborhoods.

Contact Larry ASAP if you have a lawn that needs reinventing, any questions
concerning this process, or are wondering what materials are needed to host
such a project and how to get your hands on them.

santoyo at earthflow.com

310 383 5495

If you are interested in joining in on the class, please contact Lianne at

liannegillooly at gmail.com

201 563 9397

Swan Song for the Lawn Video:


Lawns into Gardens page on Earthflow:


Swan Song for the Lawn Article by Larry Santoyo



-EarthFlow Team

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