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Subject: Please help save Matilija Canyon from closure to public!

Dear Friends:

Some bad news for our beloved Matilija Canyon. See below.  Perhaps you know some long-time Matilija hikers?  We need as many as we can find who hiked or otherwise used the trail before 1972. What a loss to all of us to no longer be able to access this natural area that adds such abundance to our lives!  We have to show "significant" usage, so please spread the word to everyone you know, and email me or ForestWatch if you know anyone we can contact!  

Re:  Save Matilija Canyon from closure to public:

One of the most spectacular hiking spots in our area, with abundant clean water and waterfalls, Matilija Canyon in Ojai has been purchased by "Buzz" Bonsall, Jr. who plans to close it to the public.  If he meets people on the trail, he tells them that they cannot hike there anymore.  

If we can demonstrate that the trail was used regularly by the a significant number of the public prior to 1972, we may be able to keep an easement open, or dedicate the main route as a public trail, as it should be.  This trail, as well as many others in the Los Padres area, was used long ago by the Chumash who fished in the river and hiked or rode to the sea for food and supplies.   

Please spread the word to anyone who may be a long time Matilija canyon hiker, biker, fisherperson, rider, etc.,  or to those who can help locate them.   No matter their age, we need information regarding the route they used,. the frequency of use, and, if possible, dates.  I worked with attorney Ken Falstrom and the Forest Service to successfully get the lower portion of the Arroyo Burro Trail (from foothills of Santa Barbara) dedicated to the public.  

Ask trail users to email Los Padres ForestWatch at info at LPFW.org.  ForestWatch is working to keep the trail open.  Or, send contact information to me, and I will pass it on.

News, photos, information at:  http://www.lpfw.org/news/1004matilijatrail.htm 

Thank you!


Linda Wolcott Moore
foxyojai at yahoo.com or
lindawolcott.moore at yahoo.com

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