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Published Jun 18  2011 by _Energy Bulletin_ () ,  Archived Jun 18 2011 
Learning from the community of the land
by Shepherd Bliss 
While recently shoveling aged horse manure around the berry vines on my 
small  organic farm to fertilize them, which gives me great pleasure, I thought 
about  what I have learned about the community of the land by farming over 
the last two  decades. For example, I noticed how spreading brown gold--to 
which I add the  green manure of decaying plants--utilizes waste to transform 
plants and help  them grow. The animal-plant communal connection is 
essential to life. 
“The Life of the Mind” is the motto of the University of Chicago, where I  
studied. It was a good book-based education. But after a couple of decades  
teaching college, I realized that something was missing. So I left 
full-time  teaching, bought rural land, and established a farm outside Sebastopol in 
 Northern California. I want to communicate some of the things I have 
learned  from agri-culture--the basis of culture and community. “You are what you 
eat,”  as the saying goes...
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