[Southern California Permaculture] Save Goletas Wildlife Habitats and Farms!/Support Alternative E/Attend County Board Mtg OCT 20

Margie Bushman, Santa Barbara Permaculture Network sbpcnet at silcom.com
Wed Oct 14 19:49:17 PDT 2015

>Dear Concerned South Coast Resident:
>Save Goleta's Wildlife Habitats and Farms!
>For years, development has chipped away at Goletas urban farmland 
>and wildlife habitats. Today, very few farms remain, wildlife is 
>imperiled and we need your help!
>Can we count on you to help us urge the Santa Barbara County Board 
>of Supervisors to protect Goleta farmland by supporting Alternative 
>E and to protect Goletas wildlife habitats?
>The magical combination of the rugged, scenic mountains, fertile 
>fields and productive orchards set against the glistening Pacific 
>makes Goleta a rare treasure. Here our local food production and 
>open spaces filled with birds and wildlife add tremendously to our 
>lives. Unfortunately, unless we act now, unbridled development will 
>continue to destroy the last of our thriving fields and wildlife habitats.
>The Board of Supervisors is set to consider an update to the Eastern 
>Goleta Community Plan Tuesday, October 20, and EDC and our clients 
>at the Urban Creeks Council need your help to ensure the protection 
>of Goletas wildlife habitats and urban farms.
>Evidence submitted by EDC and Urban Creeks Council proves that 
>wildlife habitat, including chaparral, is environmentally-sensitive 
>and in need of protection. Unfortunately, there remains significant 
>pressure by some landowners to rezone and develop Goletas last farms 
>and to clear-cut and destroy local wildlife habitats in Goletas 
>scenic foothills.
>Please help protect our urban farms and wildlife habitats today!
>1. EMAIL the Board of Supervisors and tell them to protect our 
>wildlife habitats and farms: sbcob at co.santa-barbara.ca.us and 
>jwolf at co.santa-barbara.ca.us

>Talking Points (cut and paste into your email; add your own message):
>    *     Support Alternative E which protects critical farmland in Goleta.
>    *      Designate and protect all chaparral as Environmentally 
> Sensitive Habitat for rare plant and wildlife species in Goleta, 
> and reject staffs late change which would undermine chaparral protection.
>    *      Close the loophole in the Sensitive Habitat Ordinance to 
> prevent uncontrolled clearcutting of chaparral and oak woodlands.
>    *      Increase the creek setback for new urban development from 
> 50 to 100 feet to protect local creeks from pollution.
>2. ATTEND the Board of Supervisors hearing and speak up for Goletas 
>farms & wildlife:
>105 East Anapamu Street, 4th Floor,
>Santa Barbara October 20, 2015, 9:30 AM
>For more information contact EDC at (805) 963-1622 or Brian 
>Trautwein at BTrautwein at EnvironmentalDefenseCenter.org.

>Thanks for speaking up for Goleta's wildlife and farms!
>Brian Trautwein
>Environmental Analyst & Watershed Program Director
>Eddie Harris
>President, Santa Barbara Urban Creeks Council

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