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-Philip Munyasia teacher, community activist, peacemaker and Permaculturist./Kenya  
Sunday October 29
4:00 - 6:00pm
Anyi Gallery ('reciprocity' in Quechua) 
216 State St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Free parking in adjacent lot
By donation - all costs go toward Philip's project OTEPIC

Come  together to hear stories and learn more about permaculture making a difference in rural communities in Kenya. 
Philip Munyasia is a teacher, community activist and peacemaker. 
Check out his project at http://www.otepic.org/ <http://www.otepic.org/> and see bio below.
Philip Odhiambo Munyasia, the founder of OTEPIC, grew up in Mitume as the youngest of 8 brothers and had the rare opportunity to visit a high school. Afterwards, he started to teach people in his neighborhood how to grow their own food and improve their situation. 
Eager to learn more, he was given the opportunity to do an internship in the Permaculture farm. 

Also training at “Ecology Action” in California. small-scale agricultural system — GROW BIOINTENSIVE® Sustainable Mini-Farming

Later he took part in the Global Campus training program in Tamera, Portugal where he became familiar with Holzer´s permaculture. To the surprise of his friends and clients, he has returned to his poor neighborhood after every visit abroad, and has not spent the money he raised for private purposes. Instead, he has developed a deep wish to change the situation of his people and has acquired ideas for how to do it.

In 2008, he founded OTEPIC and created a team which has been teaching people, initiatives, groups and communities to use Permaculture as an alternative way to gain food security and to conserve nature and biodiversity.
 Contact for more info  : Alexis Slutzky <alexisslutzky at gmail.com <mailto:alexisslutzky at gmail.com>>  
OTEPIC Organic Technology Extension and Promotion of Initiative Center
Motto Come together in communities

Grow abundance in mixed cultures - without any chemicals
Recycle your organic waste and make compost
Learn to treat water as a living being
Be friendly to animals
Make income from the surplus
Save your seeds
Cook with Solar Energy or Bio- gas
Share with your neighbors
And join the global food revolution.

For the communities to have a blooming, independent future with food, water, clean energy and peace prevalence irrespective of their past. Forming a world network of like-minded groups, cooperating with similar communities throughout the world, sharing skills and services, taking political action - and forming the vital nucleus of a new civilization

Big Vision

Organic Technology Extension and Promotion of Initiative Centre (OTEPIC) is a community based organization born out of passion for sharing knowledge and innovative approaches with those who need it most: subsistence farmers, and in particular, women and youth groups in Trans-Nzoia district of north-western Kenya and its surrounding areas.

OTEPIC Kenya envision on creating a, full-time national tour that connects communities and creates change through socially and eco-conscious education in North western part of Kenya. Travelling across the country on a bus installed with various prototype system like solar cookers, solar boxes, portable biogas, rocket stoves, portable gardens for.

OTEPIC Kenya seeks to enlighten, empower, and connect other families and communities by educating on how to live sustainably, healthy and toxic-free, and by using alternative energy. Through these we want to take a complete and holistic approach to life and aim to help families start with the small steps that lead to big change. The tour will be dubbed “The 
Conscious Caravan” includes community events and workshops to engage, educate, connect, and co-create the change we are all seeking in the world for a better planet for our children.

The Conscious Caravan Tour, shall create Tour events, creates all Educational Programs, and teaches on Non-GMOs, going Zero Waste, and sustainable topics. we shall meet many people in 25 communities teaching sharing the knowledge with the local communities people on areas of sustainability and continue marching to label and eventually ban GMOs; continue supporting local farms and businesses; continue sharing how to go completely zero waste; continue sharing ways to lead a simple, sustainable, and healthy life; continue connecting families through play, art, food and nature; continue demonstrating how to use various prototype systems and connecting communities and families so that they are supported in making these changes. teaching and sharing the knowledge with the communities while also preaching the peace messages.
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