[Southern California Permaculture] The Mobile Maker-Stream Lab @ People’s Tech Convergence

Willi Paul willipaul2 at yahoo.com
Thu May 24 09:42:25 PDT 2018

“The Mobile Maker-Stream Lab @ People’s Tech Convergence” 
“Regenerative Mythology” Journey #1. By Willi Paul & Planetshifter.com
- excerpt -
Fueled in part by the barter economy ethic, the community's share craft gear offering is for a great cause. Soon the Mobile Maker Lab will journey to more community groups, transmitting new regenerative values and stories and supporting events like this one with live streams and competitions.
Eventually, Rose accepted some computers parts, a few old cameras and smart phones, and a seed collection. All were logged-in and stored in the converted Air Stream for imaginations and conversions to come. 
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