[Southern California Permaculture] Saturday Pruning Clinic - Rain Plans

hkelly at talk21.com hkelly at talk21.com
Thu Jan 3 17:16:28 PST 2019

The garden re-opens on January 5th with our annual winter deciduous pruning clinic – see flyer below… 
RAIN… the forecast is for heavy rain on Saturday starting around midday. 
We plan to go ahead with the class unless the rain starts earlier than expected. HOWEVER - we won’t be doing any actual pruning this Saturday, because the rain will make the trees more susceptible to bacterial infections.
We will learn about pruning this week, and then make a plan to come back and get some practical experience later in the month, either January 19th or 26th (subject to weather conditions). 
There’s always something new to learn about pruning, so please do join us.
Garden Calendar:
Saturdays      – Volunteer work-party {9am-12noon} 
January 5      – Workshop: “Winter Deciduous Pruning Clinic” with Larry Saltzman and Master Gardeners {10am-12noon}
February 2     – Workshop: “Grafting fruit trees” – more details soon… 
Hope to see you in the garden soon! 
Kind regards, 
Hugh Kelly
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