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Hi Everyone
         Come add your voice and expertise to a wholistic vision of land 
development. In Goleta there is a 20 acre piece of agricultural land that 
our regional Transportation Bus Company MTD that no longer wants and is 
being proposed for affordable housing.
      A group called S.E.E.D.Sustainable Economic and Environmental 
Development is organizing to put together a plan to present to the MTD 
board plus the local Supervisors. The plan that includes. A 10 acre farm 
plus the rest of the land set aside housing(co housing, housing for area 
workforce and affordable housing, farm worker housing) , restaurant ,bed 
and breakfast, small shops and stores) and more.
                 Read article below and plan to attend the following 
meetings and help to make it happen and see the site

Thursday Jan 11 2-5 Walkabout on the MTD land Faciliated by SEED and Larry 
Santoyo Permaculture Designer and Land Use Planner of Earthflow of SLO

at the MTD land in Goleta at San Antonio and Calle Real by the County 
Buildings by Hwy 101 between Turnpike and Hwy 154
Come and walk the land, learn more about it

Thursday, January 11th  7-9 pm in the Hatch and Parent Community Room at 
1018 State Street South, Santa Barbara, public Parking in the rear

Public meeting to discuss plans for M.T.D. owned agricultural land on Calle 
Real in Goleta, CA. Facilitated by Larry Santoyo, permaculture designer and 
teacher, owner of "Earthflow" in S.L.O. From 7-9 pm on Thursday, January 
11th in the Hatch and Parent Community Room at 1018 State Street South, 
Santa Barbara. For more info e-mail goodland2002 at yahoo.com. or call 


Imagine preserving 20 acres of prime agricultural land in Goleta, renowned
for its fertile soil and idyllic growing conditions. This land could be
used to supplement area school curriculums, grow food, and demonstrate
sustainable building and agricultural techniques to South Coast residents.
It could become a regional resource center for issues concerning food
security, preserving family farms, raising awareness about pesticide use and
farm worker health, and incorporating environmental housing for farm
         Southern Santa Barbara County has an imminent need to preserve what
remains of its once-abundant agricultural land. Right now there exists 20
acres, zoned for agricultural use, at the corner of San Antonio and Calle
Real that is currently being considered for low-income/work-force? housing
(This property can be seen on the mountainside when driving north on the 101
freeway just before the Turnpike exit-see photo.)
         Sustainable Economic and Environmental Development (SEED) is 
about the entire use of this land for development. SEED desires to bring
together a collaboration of groups to establish a mixed-use plan,
incorporating sustainable work-force housing,cohousing, housing for people 
who work the land,
  an educational resource -center, and permanent fixed zoning of at least 
10 acres for agricultural
         The Metropolitan Transit District (M.T.D.) who planned to move the 
transit district bus stop and facilities to this location, purchased the
property six years ago. The plan was prevented when the adjacent
mountain-side property was developed with housing. More housing is currently
being developed on this same adjacent parcel. M.T.D. has been discussing
some options for this piece of zoned agricultural land. One of the current
options discussed has been development of the land for work-force housing.
SEED acknowledges the benefits of work-force housing for the Goleta area,
but seeks to temper the development of the entire 20-acre parcel for the
food security of area residents. Once buildings are put on top of this land,
the access to this rich soil and natural watershed is greatly diminished.
         The establishment of permanent or fixed agricultural zoning 
ensures the
continued access for food production. Fairview Gardens in Goleta
demonstrates the integration of large-scale food production and community
supported agriculture programs that secure some of the fresh food for many
local families. The SEED organization has coalesced around a shared vision
for our community: preserve this good land for agricultural use, educate the
public about food security issues and provide a model for environmentally
sound housing. We can create a jewel for southern Santa Barbara County to
offer the south coast region.
         The vision of an integrated food production/educational resource 
needs your involvement to become a reality. Please contact the office of
County Supervisor Susan Rose (568-2191) and voice your support for the
continued preservation of this agricultural land. Convey this vision, so
that the County will become motivated to support these goals. Please contact
the Board of Directors of the Metropolitan Transit District and share your
motivating concerns. The MTD is a leader in the use of low-emission and
electric vehicles and will hopefully support a shared vision of preserving
this land.
         We depend on food for our survival; we must not destroy all of our
agricultural land resources. With responsible private and government
agencies working with local citizens, we can create the community we
envision and deserve.Please write to SEED at goodland2002 at yahoo.com. or
P.O. Box 21202 Santa Barbara, California 93121.

By Jill Frandsen, on behalf of Sustainable Economic and Environmental
Wes Roe, Santa Barbara Permaculture Network
Heather Ryan, Ending Destructive Genetic Engineering (EDGE)

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