[Ccpg] The Permaculture Learning Center, Los Osos, Ca.

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Sun Feb 25 18:25:30 PST 2001

The Permaculture Learning Center, Los Osos, Ca.
      Surrounded by hundreds of acres of open space, extinct volcanos and 
coastal bluffs, this
      ten acre retreat features ancient oaks, coastal chaparral and 
riparian habitats. Mild winters
      coddle a collection of rare food crops and sub-tropical fruits. 
Nearby activities include
      hiking, biking, kayaking, birding, whale watching, wine tasting and 
      Non-residential education and apprenticeship opportunities include 
one, two and three
      month-long programs in landscape design and construction, small-scale 
market gardening
      and certificate courses in Permaculture Design. Contact 
santoyo at earthflow.com for more
      information or visit the website at http://www.earthflow.com

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