[Ccpg] Ecospirit presents The Spring Series beginning Mar. 17-19

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please share with your friends and interested neighbors -

a celebration of abundant food forests and healthy landscapes...

Ecospirit, an Ojai-based nonprofit environmental group, presents The Spring 
Series — a celebration of abundant food forests and healthy landscapes. Three 
experiential workshops in March and April will provide practical skills, and 
identify community resources for enhancing homes, property and neighborhoods. 
The first event is "Seeds, Trees, and Mulch" on March 17-19 at an amazing 
permaculture designed home and botanical garden near Ojai. 

The three Spring Series workshops feature perennial eco-educator Akiva 
Werbalowsky and guest presenters. They will focus on core understandings and 
skills related to healthy food, soil, and living environment. The workshops 
are taught in a hands-on format with small groups of experienced gardeners 
and ecologists. A favorite feature at these events is the gourmet vegetarian 
organic foods known as "Temple Cuisine" by Andrea Rolston.

EcoVariety Night is series of three community celebrations of art, music, 
words, dance and food to begin each series workshop. EcoVariety Nights will 
be presented from 7-10 pm on Saturday March 17, March 31, and April 28 at a 
new organic food store and café "The Farmer and the Cook," 339 W. El Roblar, 
in Meiners Oaks near Ojai. Performers and perfarmers are invited to call Eric 
for a time slot (805) 652-1142 or email <ewerb at aol.com>. People are 
encouraged to share and exchange their surplus crafts, fruits and garden 
goods, Requested donation is $3 and there will be special goodies available 
for purchase. 

The "Seeds, Trees, and Mulch" workshop on March 17-19 will explore 
permaculture design, biointensive gardening, biodynamics, and leading edge 
approaches for bringing delicious food to the table all year. We will share 
practical seed saving and growing techniques best suited for California 
bioregions. Special attention is given to fruit tree varieties that perform 
well locally, and how to grow them by creating soil in place with mulch. Each 
participant is encouraged to select from Ecospirit’s onsite collection of the 
strongest, tastiest heirloom organic herbs, grains, and vegetable seeds to 
enjoy in their own gardens. 

More experiential workshops will be held March 31- April 1, "Earthwork, 
Stone, and Water" and April 27- 29 "Riparian EcoManagement and Arundo Donax." 
We will celebrate and learn together, enjoying healthy food, entertainment, 
and the pleasures of our abundant bioregion to whose stewardship we are 

Comfortable overnight guest accommodations Saturday and Sunday nights are 
available for the first 12 people to register, with creek access, yoga space, 
and hot tubbing freely available. Bring good footwear and seasonal clothing 
for hands-on threshing, winnowing, planting, mulching, and touring in a 
vibrant garden-ecosystem. Event Fees are $90 for locals sleeping and having 
breakfasts elsewhere; $160 for full accommodations. Barter-exchange is 
available if completed prior to event. Participants may register by sending a 
check to Ecospirit, PO Box 1766, Ojai, CA 93024. For more information please 
see the website at www.ecojai.org , contact Andrea Rolston 
<andrea at ecojai.org> or call (805) 646-1136. 

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