[Orange County, CA Permaculture] Free Permaculture Design Poster/Inspired by an exercise from Permaculture Pioneer Larry Santoyo/collaborative project between Delvin Solkinson and Martin Bridge

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Free Permaculture Design Poster
“The patterns and forms of a tree are found in many natural and evolved structures; an explosion, event, erosion sequence, idea, germination, or rupture at an edge or interface of two systems or media (here, earth and atmosphere) may generate the tree form in time and space. The tree form may be used as a general teaching model for geography, ecology, and evolution; it portrays the movement of energy and particles in time and space.”
– Bill Mollison

Inspired by an exercise from Permaculture Pioneer Larry Santoyo exploring the visible structures of a regenerative community (branches) and the invisible structures and infrastructures that support it (roots), this tree poster can be used to support curriculum built around the question : When designing a conscious, regenerative community what elements and structures, both visible and invisible, would need to be included?

Sourced from the visionary intelligence of Larry Santoyo, this collaborative project between Delvin Solkinson and Martin Bridge grew out of their work together at the CoSM Visionary Permaculture Design Certificate Course http://cosm.org/learn/visionary-permaculture/.

This is a poster representing the core model for permaculture, the World Tree or Axis Mundi in which all natural patterns can be found. This art is being offered freely to any designers, teachers and student who wish to utilize it in their work. This is a gift to the Permaculture Movement to support the evolution of permaculture education worldwide. 

Source inspiration : Larry Santoyo http://permacultureacademy.com/
Artwork : Martin Bridge http://thebridgebrothers.com/martinclarkbridge
Envoy : Delvin Solkinson http://www.gaiacraft.com/

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