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Sun Mar 21 15:50:42 PDT 2010

Dear Friends,

Happy Spring Equinox!

Check out this unique workshop/retreat combining permaculture with  
personal & planetary healing through a Five Element focus.

A great intro course plus retreat at an amazing site.

- Living Mandala Production Team


Permaculture Elementals:
Regenerative Retreat for People & Planet Through Five Elements

April 20 - 25, 2010

Grace Grove Retreat Center
Near Sedona, Arizona

Visit the Course Website for More information



Course Description

With a focus on tending the inner as well as the outer landscapes,  
retreat participants will learn tangible skills to heal themselves and  
the Earth through the lense, themes, & medicine of the 5 Elements:  
Earth, Air, Water, Fire & Spirit. This 5-Day retreat and educational  
workshop will focus on 1 element for each full day, with the element  
of Spirit woven throughout the entire course. Participants will learn  
cutting-edge technologies and hands-on skills in Earth Regeneration &  
Stewardship including: Nature Connection, Water Works, Patterns  
Recognition & Design, Soil Building Strategies, Plants & Food Forest  
Gardening, Wild Plant Identification, and much more. This course will  
also focus on cultivating deeper connection to ourselves and to the  
natural world through observation, song, story, dance, health,  
nutrition, healing, and other activities. Grace Grove will offer a  
range of healing services available for retreat participants at  
special rates.

* Earth - Earthworks, Soil Food Web & Soil Building, Plants & Food  
Forests, Wild Plant ID & Uses, Earth & Nature Connection
* Air - Principles & Patterns in Nature, Observation & Site Analysis,  
Design Methods & Process, Climate & Microclimate, Bird Language
* Water - Water on the Landscape, Water Scarcity to Abundance,  
Rainwater Harvesting, Grey Water, Site Analysis, Healing Water Ceremony
* Fire - Fire in the Landscape, Renewable Energy, Appropriate  
Technology, Natural Building, Dryland Strategies. Fire Ceremony
* Spirit - Nature Connection, Ceremony & Ritual, Health & Healing,  
Song & Dance, Story Telling

Instructors & Facilitators

Jay Ma, Kay Cafasso, Brad Lancaster, Kerrie Dancing Butterfly, Chris  
Anderson, Other Special Guests

Tuition & Registration

Course Tuition is $499 U.S. dollars, with basic camping accommodations  
on the beautiful Grace Grove grounds, includes delicious & nutritious  
communal meals provided by the health conscious Grace Grove staff.  
Private or shared rooms are available for an additional $45 per night.  
Retreat is limited to 20 participants, so register soon to reserve  
your spot.

Early Bird & Local Discount - Ends April 1!

Register before April 1 for a discounted tuition. (Tuition for locals  
is set $415.) (no lodging included)

Turn Water Scarcity Into Water Abundance! - April 21, with Brad  

A portion of the entire 5 day workshop/retreat on Water Day will be  
opened up to the general public as a 1 day workshop from 10 am - 5:30  
pm: Turn Water Warcity Into Water Abundance! This course will show you  
how to conceptualize, design, and implement sustainable water- 
harvesting systems for your home, landscape, and community. Learn how  
to access on-site resources (rainwater, greywater, topsoil, sun,  
plants, and more), apply a diverse array of strategies to maximize  
their potential, and utilize guiding principles to create an  
integrated, multi-functional, and water-sustainable water-harvesting  
landscape .

Site Details: Grace Grove Retreat Center

Grace Grove Retreat Center is a sacred space for groups and  
individuals to deepen their connection with this Earth and thereby to  
one another. The property upon which the Center is situated is truly  
unique both in terms of location, beauty, and peace. This desert oasis  
20 minutes south of Sedona is home to an amazing array of wildlife.  
 From coati mundis, and Javelina, to skinks and horny toads. Many  
animals are found only in this part of the world, 81 species of birds  
were logged on a recent hike. You need to experience this variety and  
abundance in order to appreciate the magic the location has to offer  
with every changing season.

Health & Healing Services at Grace Grove

Grace Groves offers a range of health and healing services which will  
be available to retreat participants at special rates. Healing  
services include Colonics, Massage, Shamanic Work, Quantum Scaler Wave  
Laser Treatments, Infrared Saunas, Ionic Foot Baths, Nutritional  
Coaching, and more. For more information on these services contact  
Grace Grove.

More Information & Registration

e-mail: elementals(at)livingmandala.com
phone: (707) 634-1461
Grace Grove Retreat Center: http://gracegrove.com/
email: puma(at)gracegrove.com
phone: (928) 649-0456

Visit the Course Website for More information

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