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Remember Shay Salomon? She wrote an excellent piece on housing in the HD's
Affordable and Sustainable Housing issue... She is also writing a book. This
is her latest efforts:

In a message dated 11/1/02 10:38:18 AM, smallhouse at theriver.com writes:

<< Hello All,

Two announcements:

1.  Nygel Valdez, Jay Shafer, and I [Shay Salomon] gave a presentation on
houses and the joy of dense living  to a group in Iowa City, Iowa, a
few weeks ago.  A few days later, the Small House Society was created
by the three of us plus a few people who attended that talk.
Headquartered in Iowa City, the group plans to serve as a wide
network of small home dwellers, builders and designers, and generaly
to be "Advocates for Less."  A website now exists (go to
www.smallhousesociety.org).  Contact Gregory, the webmaster if you
have submissions.  Instructions for joining the Society are also on
the website.

2. Rebecca Hughs-Hartogs, a resident of Grass Valley, California, and
small house dweller, has organized a weekend conference in Grass
Valley to discuss the legalization and promotion of very small
houses. Over 100 people are expected, including code and zoning
officials, local cob builders, and advocates for the house-less.
The conference costs $10 plus lodging.  Call 530-273-8690 for more


Shay Salomon

P.S. Please forgive double postings and let me know if you don't want
to receive these announcements about small houses/dense housing
Shay Salomon
3838 E. Calle Fernando
Tucson AZ 85745 USA
(817) 403-3786
smallhouse at theriver.com >>

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