[Scpg] New Watershed Agency and Slideshow Lecture Fri Nov 8 7pm CEC South Coast Watershed Resource Center and more Santa Barbara

Wesley Roe and Marjorie Lakin Erickson lakinroe at silcom.com
Sun Nov 3 18:58:05 PST 2002

Exciting news for those who care about Watersheds!

The California Department of Water Resources (www.dwr.water.ca.gov) has 
created new Watershed Coordinator positions, to empower local agencies, 
citizens and grassroots environmental programs to work with state and 
federal partners to restore the ecological health of our watersheds and 

There are watershed coordinators in each of the Dept of Water Resource 
districts covering the entire state, who will work hand in hand with the 
DWR's Urban Streams Program and the Fish Passage Program to assist locally 
driven restoration and stewardship efforts.

Please join Santa Barbara Permaculture Network, for a special evening with 
Bill Roley, one of the most recently appointed DWR Watershed Coordinators 
(Southern District, SLO To San Diego) , and president of Applied Ecologist 
Systems for a lecture and slide show at the CEC's South Coast Watershed 
Resource Center, on Friday, November 8, at 7pm.  For more info, 
805/962-2571, or email, sbpcnet at silcom.com.

   (In addition an all day workshop, "Healthy Watersheds: A Goal of 
Community Stewardship" with a field trip will be sponsored by the Santa 
Barbara Botanic Garden on Sat Nov. 9, from 9-4pm, please call SBBG for 
reservations at 805/682-4726 ext.102).

Santa Barbara Permaculture Network presents
Healthy Watersheds: A Permaculture Perspective
with Dr. Bill Roley
director, Permaculture Institute of  So. California
Slide Show & Lecture
Friday Nov. 8, 7pm, Donation $3

location: CEC's South Coast Watershed Resource Center
Arroyo Burro Beach, 2981 Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara

Explore watershed issues applying Permaculture principles and design 
techniques that interconnect your home and backyard to the whole 
watershed.  The land around your home is a vital part of the 
watershed.  How that land is managed -- one lot at a time-- can have a 
significant impact on your city's flood protection, water supply, air and 
water quality. Permaculture techniques can help control erosion, reduce 
flooding, minimize water pollution, improve groundwater recharge and 
enhance wildlife habitat.

Santa Barbara Permaculture Network
(805) 962-2571
sbpcnet at silcom.com

"We are like trees, we must create new leaves, in new directions, in order 
to grow." - Anonymous

>May no bomb fall on your head
>or on your child's head or on your enemy's head
>or on his child's head
>or on the snail
>in his garden.

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