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Permaculture workshop at the Worm Farm in Meiners Oaks

Fibonacci and Spiral herb gardens

Saturday September 20th, morning session:        10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

                                afternoon session:          3:00 p.m. to

The workshop will take place at the Worm Farm in Meiners Oaks  
450 South Rice Road at the corner of Lomita Av. and Rice Rd.

Please park your vehicle on the Lomita side of the Worm Farm and come in
through the green pedestrian door. Bring some work clothes, a notebook and a

Donations: $ 15 per person ; however no one will be turned away on account of
temporary lack of funds.

We live on one of the outer arms of a spiral galaxy, the Milky Way. Spirals
at the very core of much of our lives. Come and discover some of the magical
inner workings of nature, Fibonacci s series and its applications.

We will build a spiral herb garden and you will experience the fundamentals of
nature s intricacies with a simple practical application, culinary herbs
for the
kitchen and the garden.

Pierre Constans, the instructor, is a former student of Bill Mollison, the
father of Permaculture. Pierre specializes in setting up living systems that
are both aesthetic and functional: mandala gardens, hedges, herb gardens,
backyard orchards, ponds, organic vineyards and chicken tractors. He operates
the Worm Farm, recycles local restaurant refuse into compost and produces
BioVam. Biovam is a revolutionary organic soil and plant booster that changes
the physical composition of the soil as well as the physiology of plants.

Participants will discover the relationship between plants and mathematics and
the harmony of nature.

For questions or more information, please contact Pierre at 805 640 7686. 

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