[Scpg] Permaculture Training in Thailand 2003

Wesley Roe and Marjorie Lakin Erickson lakinroe at silcom.com
Tue Sep 23 07:14:49 PDT 2003

Greetings friends

Just wanted to share the following info about a training we are having in 
Thailand, the first one of its kind, to build a permaculture center and 
home for orphaned and abused children this Nov 6-Dec 18th.

please see www.kleiwerks.com/thailand.html
for more info.

and build a sustainable center for orphaned children in Northern Thailand.
November 6 - December 18, 2003
Phitsanulok, Central Thailand
Co-sponsors/Facilitators: Rosemary Morrow (Australia), Jon Jandai 
(Thailand), Jim Connor & Nao Sangkara (Whispering Seed-Thailand), Em Ponna 
(Cambodia), Janell Kapoor (USA), Aporn Pumpanna (Thailand)

Join leading permaculture teachers from 3 countries and 30 dedicated 
activists from Southeast Asia and around the world. We will create a 
special place, which will model sustainable living through permaculture, 
natural building, organic farming, and holistic education. The Whispering 
Seed is a village-based community learning center and home for orphaned and 
abused children. They focus on finding the joy in serving others through 
cross-cultural exchanges, sustainable living practices, and natural 

In this hands-on intensive training course we will come up with an overall 
design, develop the land, and build the first earthen dwellings at the new 
home of The Whispering Seed. The training includes the full 72-hour 
Permaculture Design and Practicum Certification requirements, along with 
in-depth hands-on application of your newly learned skills. Also, 
Thailand's foremost earthen builders will be leading the group in the 
construction of an adobe and wattle and daub main house and other dwellings.

We will create organic gardens, orchards, and composting toilets; build 
bamboo and mud houses; and learn how and where to plant and place things so 
that functions and energy from each element serves multiple purposes with 
the intention of creating a self-reliant system. Time permitting, we will 
also work with rice paddy and cotton fields and do restorative planting on 
nearby land that was recently cut and burned.

Cost is $1800-2200 which includes training, all meals and accommodation 
during training, transportation during training and most importantly this 
cost will support 15 Southeast Asian activists and community leaders to 
attend the training.

Email kirti at kleiwerks.com for more info.

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