[Scpg] "Relocalizing Food " Circle Tuesday, Feb 8th 7pm Townley Room Santa Barbara Public Library.

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Thu Jan 13 16:31:44 PST 2005

Local food security is becoming an increasingly urgent issue in these 
turbulent times.

Is Santa Barbara prepared to feed itself without undue reliance on 
distant food sources ­ the famous "3000-mile Caesar salad"--  in the 
face of looming crises like diminishing cheap fossil fuel supplies, 
climate instability, earthquakes or 9/11 events that could make air 
travel, trucking and the continued use of petroleum-based pesticides 
and herbicides prohibitive?

The Sustainable Small Cities project of Santa Barbara think tank For 
the Future (www.forthefuture.org) would like to invite you to attend 
a "Relocalizing Food " Circle on Tuesday, Feb 8th 7pm  in the Townley Room 
at the main branch of the Santa Barbara Public Library in downtown 
Santa Barbara.  

At this meeting, you will join with others like yourself who are 
already working to ensure that Santa Barbara has diverse, 
sustainable, healthy, biodiverse local food production and 
distribution resources available to all members of our community.  We 
hope to have representation from all areas of our local sustainable 
food system: home growers, community garden experts, local farmers, 
food distributors like the Farmers Market and food stores, 
restaurateurs, the Food Bank, etc. as well as the general public.

After this first meeting, those interested in being part of the 
ongoing Relocalizing Food circle will continue to meet for a series 
of weeks to come up with recommendations for our local government, 
food-related businesses and community organizations so that our 
community will be prepared to sustain itself in the challenging times 

Relocalizing is an exciting and timely idea. We believe that Santa 
Barbara can become increasingly self reliant and able to feed itself 
as it did in Chumash, Spanish, Californio and early American 
historical times ­ mostly from the fruit of its own land and the 
labors of its own people.  But in doing so we can now benefit from 
creative, cutting-edge ideas and techniques like permaculture, 
biodynamics, Farmers Markets, CSAs, urban farming, community plots, 
school and "Victory" gardens, "Lawns to Food" projects etc. that 
combine the best of the past, present and future.

For the Future's Sustainable Small Cities project is designed to 
help Santa Barbara and other small cities relocalize resources in all 
17 Sectors of Society, including food.  For a full description, see 


When: Tuesday, February 8 7pm
Where: The Townley Room, downstairs in the main branch of the 
downtown Santa Barbara Public Library.

RSVP to Linda Buzzell-Saltzman or Larry Saltzman at lbuzzell at aol.com, 
lbsaltzman at aol.com or 563-2089 or 451-4168 (Larry's cel)


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