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Mon Oct 15 15:32:22 PDT 2012

Dear Friends,

Wow what Convergence! Thanks to all who came, shared, & celebrated 
with this amazing community.

The Spirit of the Convergence will carry on at GreenFriends Farm 
right into an Advanced Permaculture Intensive with Geoff Lawton 
starting tomorrow (Tues - and continueing through Friday of this week).

Last change to register! You can drop in on individual days as well.

More Info Below.

-The Living Mandala Team


Geoff Lawton Advanced Permaculture Intensive
Earthworks, Watershed Design, & Food Forests

Oct 16 - 19, 2012
GreenFriends Farm - Castro Valley, California

More Information & To Register Click Here.


Course Description

In 4 days, you will learn the basic theory and practice of 
Permaculture Earthworks, Watershed Design, Food Forest & Agroforestry 
including site design, survey, and analysis; directing earthmoving 
machines to establish dams, swales, terraces, ponds etc; watershed 
design and restoration techniques; and designing and implementing 
reforestation, agroforestry, and food forest projects accordingly. 
This course will blend theory with hands-on practical application in 
the context of a real life project and landscape of GreenFriends Farm.

Day Topics

Though the course is a progression and we highly recommend taking the 
entire course if possible, it is possible to sign up for individual 
or multiple days. Though the schedule is not exact, over a period of 
4 very full, informative days... we intend to cover the following.
    * Day 1 (Tues, Oct 16): Broad-acre Earthworks & Watershed Design
    * Day 2 (Wed, Oct 17):  Earthworks Design & Implementation
    * Day 3 (Thurs, Oct 18):  Watershed Restoration - Upstream Strategies
    * Day 4:  (Fri. Oct 19): Food Forests & Agro-Forestry
Affordable Sliding-Scale Tuition

With the intentions to make this course as available to as many 
people as possible, we are offering this course for much less 
expansive than most of Geoff's international courses of comparable 
size and content. Though the course is a progression and we highly 
recommend taking the entire course if possible, it is possible to 
sign-up for individual or select days as well. 
Pricing Details Click Here

Special Discounts for NorCal Permaculture Convergence Participants!

We are offering a special discount for those who attend any part of 
the Northern California Permaculture Convergence, happening the 
weekend before this course from Oct 12-14, at GreenFriends Farm. 
Geoff Lawton will be one of the keynote speakers at the Convergence, 
along with a host of other speakers and workshops as well.

About the Northern California Permaculture Convergence

The <http://www.permacultureconvergence.com>Northern California 
Permaculture Convergence is an annual event which brings together 
permaculture designers, sustainability enthusiasts, and communities 
in Northern California, the West Coast, and beyond for a weekend of 
intensive focus on a common goal: to design sustainable habitats, in 
accordance with nature, for humans, plants, animals, our greater 
bioregion, and the Earth at large. Practitioners across a 
wide-spectrum of skill-sets exchange ideas through concurrent 
workshops and discussions ranging from organic agriculture and 
wildcrafting to natural building and appropriate technologies; from 
environmental remediation and disaster preparedness to community 
dynamics and global justice. In addition to a plethora of workshops 
and amazing speakers on a diversity of topics, there will also 
dedicated areas for skill sharing, collaborative discussions, 
children's activities, educational displays, and specialist vendors. 
Participants will have opportunities to socialize, network, and 
connect with others in this field through meals and the activities 
listed above.

Site Details - GreenFriends Farm

The beautiful 180 acre grounds of the GreenFriends Farm are becoming 
a demonstration & educational hub of leading permaculture, holistic 
management, and regenerative design practices. GreenFriends Farm 
began as a challenge to plant a thousand fruit trees on the 
overgrazed land of a former cattle ranch west of Oakland, California. 
Now, half way to meeting that number, it has become an educational 
center for cutting edge agriculture, a destination for enjoying 
nature, and a vibrant spot for volunteers of all ages and 
backgrounds. The site is also home to the M.A. Center  - the U.S. 
headquarters of international humanitarian & India Spiritual leader - 
Amma. <http://www.embracingtheworld.org>www.embracingtheworld.org.

Broadacre Permaculture Demonstration - Site Projects Include:
    * 500 plus tree orchard and food forest
    * Dynamic watershed restoration
    * Broad-acre land contouring & water infiltration
    * Keyline patterning & ploughing
    * Native reforestation & agroforestry
    * Holistically managed grazing
    * Soil food web management
    * Solar energy
    * Community garden & orchards
    * Sustainability & spirituality programs

For questions and more information regarding the course
e-mail: <mailto:aquaponics at livingmandala.com>education at livingmandala.com or
call: 707-634-1461

More Information & Registration Click Here

Living Mandala
Organizing Education, Events & Initiatives for Personal & Planetary 
<http://www.facebook.com/LivingMandala.org>Find Living Mandala on Facebook!

Northern California Permaculture Convergence
Oct 12-14, 2012
GreenFriends Farm, San Ramon, CA



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(805) 962-2571
P.O. Box 92156, Santa Barbara, CA 93190
margie at sbpermaculture.org

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